Children of Enoch and Eliza Hise Whitted

George Rogers Whitted, 1854-1929, the oldest child, was born in Vermillion County, Indiana. He was a coal miner by trade and married Mary B. Whitson in 1874. They had five children. Both are buried in Riverside Cemetery, Clinton, Indiana.
    George Whitted sentenced for murder, articles from The Hoosier State, a Vermillion County newspaper
    Obituary of George Rogers Whitted
    Obituary of Mary Whitson Whitted, wife of George Rogers Whitted
    Gravestone of Mary Whitson Whitted, 1854-1917, wife of George Rogers Whitted
Obituary of Thomas Whitted, 1875-1954, son of George Rogers Whitted and Mary Whitson

John Franklin Whitted, 1856-1873, born and died in Vermillion County. He never married. He is buried in the family plot in Riverside Cemetery
    Gravestone of John Franklin Whitted

William Whitted, 1857-1945, born in Clinton, Indiana, died in Mobile, Alabama. He and his wife, Cora Bess Hunt, had four children. Cora is buried at Riverside Cemetery in Clinton, Indiana, and William is buried in Mobile, Alabama.

Josephine Whitted, 1860-1929, born in Clinton. Josephine married James G. "Charles" Clark in 1880 and they had two children. Charles and Josephine are buried in the family plot at Riverside Cemetery.
    Obituary of Josephine Whitted Clark
    Gravestone of Josephine Whitted Clark

Idora Whitted, 1862-1863. Idora, less than a year old when she died, is buried in Spangler Cemetery, west of Clinton.
    Gravestone of Idora Whitted

Charles Clark Whitted, 1867-1903, born in Vermillion County. Charles was only twenty-nine when he died and was unmarried. He is buried in the family plot at Riverside Cemetery.
    Gravestone of Charles Clark Whitted
    Obituary of Charles Clark Whitted

Adalula Adilen Whitted, 1869-1943, was born in Clinton and known as Lula or Lulu. She married Charles F. Adams and they lived in Vigo County, just south of Vermillion County. They both died and were buried in Terre Haute, Indiana.
    Gravestone of Adalula Whitted and Charles Adams, Terre Haute, Indiana
    Obituary of Adalula Whitted Adams, Terre Haute, Indiana

Florence Morgan Whitted, 1871-1941, born in Clinton. He married Mollie France in 1900 and they lived in Clinton, raising six children. Both are buried in Riverside Cemetery in Clinton.
    Obituary of Florence Morgan Whitted
    Gravestone of Florence Morgan Whitted
    Gravestone of Mary Florence Whitted, daughter of Florence Morgan Whitted, and her husband Adam Mair

Cora Whitted, 1872-1961. Cora G. Whitted was the youngest child, born 9 September 1872. She lived at home and took care of her mother until her mother died in 1916. In 1919 she married Charles C. Clinton, of Chicago, in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. They were still in Chicago in 1930 when the census was taken. By 1940, Cora was in Los Angeles and was widowed. She died in 1961 in Santa Ana, California, where she was cremated. She and Charles had no children.
    Marriage certificate: Cora G. Whitted & Charles C. Clinton

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