Roser Park Cemetery, St. Petersburg, Pinellas County, Florida

Jonathan Whitted, 1801-1866, son of Mary Whitted Pleasants
Spangler Cemetery, Vermillion County, Indiana
Nancy Rogers Clark, 1804-1857, wife of Jonathan Whitted
Mineral Ridge Cemetery, Ridgeport, Boone County, Iowa

Jonathan Whitted and his wife, Nancy Rogers Clark, moved from North Carolina to Indiana in the mid 1830s. Their children, mostly born in North Carolina, moved with them to Indiana but many of them later moved to other states.

Children of Jonathan and Nancy Rogers Clark Whitted

Isaac Fadis Whitted, 1822-1909, and his family

Elbridge Mabrin Whitted, 1824-1899, and his family

Mary Ann Whitted, 1826-1904, and her husband, John Bennage, 1812-1892, are buried in the East Bath Cemetery in Bath, Summit County, Ohio.

Enoch M. Whitted, 1828-1901, and his family

Andrew Jackson Whitted, 1833-1865, and his wife, Mary M. Green, 1835-1895, are buried in the Rockville Cemetery in Rockville, Parke County, Indiana.

Hezekiah Westley Whitted, 1835-1842, is buried in the Bloomingdale Cemetery in Parke County, Indiana.

William Clark Whitted, 1838-1897, and his wife, Sarah Ann Richardson, 1837-1907, are buried in the Genesee City Cemetery in Genesee, Latah County, Idaho. Sarah married Rev. John M. Harris after William died but she is buried as Sarah Ann Whitted.

Nancy Caroline Whitted, born 1845. It is not known where she and her husband, William Former Kelly, are buried.

Druzilla Avis Whitted, 1843-1929, is buried in the Mt. Zion Cemetery in Osage County, Kansas. Her third husband, Noah S. Surface, 1845-1940, is buried in the Brazoria Cemetery in Brazoria, Brazoria County, Texas. It is not known where her first two husbands are buried.

John Thomas Whitted, 1844-1880, is buried in the Cissna Park Cemetery in Iroquois County, Illinois.

More burials of descendants of Jonathan and Nancy Rogers Clark Whitted

Thomas Austin Whitted, 1858-1946, son of Elbridge and Caroline Whitted, and his wife, Julia Jeanettie Phillips, 1870-1949

James Albert Whitted, 1893-1923, son of Thomas and Julia Whitted

George Bracie Whitted, 1898-1955, son of Thomas and Julia Whitted, and his wife, Beatrice E. Pepperdine, 1903-1994

Gravestone of Mary Whitson Whitted, 1854-1917, wife of George Rogers Whitted, son of Enoch and Eliza Hise Whitted

Gravestone of John Franklin Whitted, son of Enoch and Eliza Hise Whitted

Gravestone of Josephine Whitted Clark, daughter of Enoch and Eliza Hise Whitted, and Josephine's husband James G. Clark

Gravestone of Idora Whitted, daughter of Enoch and Eliza Hise Whitted

Gravestone of Charles Clark Whitted, son of Enoch and Eliza Hise Whitted

Gravestone of Adalula Whitted, daughter of Enoch and Eliza Hise Whitted, and her husband, Charles Adams, Terre Haute, Indiana

Gravestone of Florence Morgan Whitted, son of Enoch and Eliza Hise Whitted, and his wife, Mollie France

Gravestone of Mary Florence Whitted, daughter of Florence Morgan Whitted, and her husband Adam Mair

Gravestone of Blanche Whitted Galloway, granddaughter of William Clark Whitted, her husband John R. Galloway and John's mother

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Roser Park Cemetery was originally called Greenwood Cemetery. Thomas Austin Whitted and Julia Jeanettie Phillips and some of their children are buried here.
Many of the burials above are links to the Find A Grave website; many thanks to all those who have taken the time to photograph the gravestones or record the information. There are many Whitted burials without photos and many Whitteds with no death or burial information.
Photograph of Roser Park Cemetery in St. Petersburg, by Anne Healy Field, October 2004.

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