The Brent Family
The F.C. Brent family, 1907, Pensacola, Florida

The F.C. Brent family, 1907

Brent photographs

Thomas William Brent, Merced Gonzalez Brent

Francis Celestino Brent, Mary Ella Shuttleworth Brent

Francis Celestino and Mary Ella Shuttleworth Brent, probably taken in the 1870s

Francis Celestino Brent

Mary Ella Brent, sitting in her room, 18 March, 1900, Romana Street house.

Francis Celestino "Papa" Brent with four of his daughters

Children of Francis Celestino and Mary Ella Shuttleworth Brent

F.C. Brent and his family, Christmas dinner, 1911

Photos of old Pensacola, early 1900s

Belle Brent, various pictures

Belle Brent at the Brent reunion in 1947 in Pensacola

Cora, Mollie and Belle Brent posing with others

Belle and Catherine Brent with school friends at the Visitation Convent in Mobile, Alabama

Belle Brent, Fanty Fick, and Frances Fick. Corpus Christi, Texas, December 1941

Catherine Merced Brent and James Campbell Watson

More pictures of Catherine Brent and James Watson

Watson family home, Pensacola, Florida

Brent home on East Ramona, Pensacola, decorated for wedding of Catherine Brent in 1903

Belle and Katie Brent with others

Celestine, Mollie and Katie Brent, March 1899

Celestine Brent Manley, several pictures, including Rufus Manley and their children

Rufus and Celestine Brent Manley family, including Celestine's signature, a Gulfport Creosoting Company wallet, Manley grandchildren, and a newspaper clipping noting the death of Grant Manley

George and Cora Brent, twins, b. 1886

Cora Emily Brent, young girl

Cora, Mollie, and Belle Brent

Cora Emily Brent, Queen of Mardi Gras, 1909, Pensacola

Cora Emily Brent Warren, bride, 1911

Cora Brent Warren, Genevieve Brent Turtle and Florence Burke Brent

Cora Brent Warren and Mollie Brent Mare dressed for Mardi Gras, ca.1931

Two photos of Alba Houghton Warren

Cora Brent Warren holding Alba Houghton Warren Jr.

Alba Jr. and his brother Brent Warren, young children

Photos of Brent & Katherine Warren and Jean & Chuck Healy

Photos of Genevieve Brent and William O. Turtle

Photos of Frances Louise Brent, 1894-1995, and her two husbands, Harold "Skipper" Fick and Albert Whitted

More photos of Frances Louise Brent, as a young girl, in the Mardi Gras festivities, at Warner Hot Springs, Tijuana and more

Frances Louise Brent, 1894-1995, and her husband, Albert Whitted, 1893-1923

Albert Whitted, husband of Frances Brent, holding their daughter, Jean.

Frances Louise Brent Whitted holding her daughter, Jean, with Vrach, the dog, on the left.

Albert Whitted, Frances Whitted, Celestino "Tino" Brent holding Jean Whitted, Molly Brent Mare, and Belle Brent.

Young William Louis Brent dressed in his best

Portrait of William Louis Brent as a young boy

William Louis and his brother Robert Brent at Brentwood, 1897

William Louis Brent at Brentwood

William Louis Brent, Robert Brent, Rufus Manley and Daniel Gonzalez Brent in New Orleans, 1906

William Louis Brent, Robert Brent and their Uncle Danny Brent

William Louis Brent with members of his football team

William Louis Brent in uniform, World War I

William Louis Brent in front of the Warren's house in Houston

William Louis Brent as a toddler

Young William Louis Brent

Formal portrait of the five brent brothers

The Brent family at Brentwood, September 1907. Photographer: Geo. W. Turton. L-R back: George, Willie (Tuff), Mollie (Tom's wife), Robert, Genevieve, Jim Watson, Cora, Tino and Rufus Manley. Front: Mollie, Tom, Belle, F.C. Brent with Brent Watson in front of him, Catherine, holding her son, Tommy Watson, Celestine, and Frances sitting in front. Mary Ella Brent, F.C.'s wife, died in December 1905. This may have been the first family picture taken after her death.

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