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Catherine Merced Brent

Catherine Merced Brent was born 22 March 1875 in Pensacola, the second child of Francis Celestino Brent and Mary Ella Shuttleworth. Catherine, also called Katie, was named for her father's sister, Irene Catherine Brent, as well as her father's grandmother, Catherine Walker Johnson Brent, and for her paternal grandmother, Merced Gonzalez Brent. Katie and Belle, her older sister, both went to school at the Visitation Convent in Mobile, Alabama.

Katie married James Campbell "Jim" Watson on 11 November 1903 at the Brent family home on Romana St. They had four children, James Brent, Thomas Campbell, Francis Carroll, and Edward Sinclair "Saint." Catherine Brent died 9 December 1970 in Pensacola, Florida; Jim Watson died 6 May 1962, also in Pensacola. They are both buried in St. John's Cemetery in Pensacola.

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Photograph of James Campbell "Jim" Watson, 1873-1962 was taken by Bell Studio, Pensacola, on 3 June 1912. Photograph of Catherine Brent, 1875-1970, by photographer: Cottrell, no date.

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