Christmas dinner at the Brent home, 1911

The Brent family gathered around the table, Christmas, 1911, Pensacola

Photo taken of the Brent family on 25 December 1911 in the dining room of the Brent home at 200 West La Rua in Pensacola. Francis Celestino Brent - "Papa Brent" - sits at the head of the table with his children and their families.

Sitting at the table, left side from front to back: Belle Brent, Alba Warren Sr., Cora Brent Warren, Jim Watson, Catherine "Katie" Brent Watson, George Brent, Donny Macmillan (not related), Mollie Brent, Brent Watson (son of Jim and Katie Watson), Francis Celestino "Papa" Brent. Right side of table, back to front: Tommy Watson (son of Jim and Katie Watson), "Mollie Thomas" (Mary Waterman Warren, wife of Thomas Brent), Frances Louise Brent, Robert Brent, Genevieve Brent, William Brent, Celestine Brent Manley holding Brent Manley, Rufus Manley holding Rufus Jr., and Thomas Brent holding Francis Carroll Watsonborn in 1910. The photographer was Cottrell.

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