Catherine Merced Brent and James Campbell Watson, pictures

James Campbell Watson


Catherine Merced "Katie" Brent


Katie Brent

Belle Brent, right, and Katie (Catherine) Brent, top. Photographer: Geo. W. Turton, no date.

Celestine, Mollie and Katie (Catherine) Brent, March 1899

One of the rooms set up for guests for Katie Brent's wedding in 1903. The rooms were decorated with palms, ferns, lots of flowers and illuminated with electric lights.

The photographs of Catherine and her sisters are from family photographs scanned by Anne Healy Field. The photographs of James Campbell Watson and the Brent house decorated for the wedding are copies of pictures in the University of West Florida, Special Collections Library, in Pensacola.

25 February 2007
updated 4 Jan 2009
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