Brent Family Documents

Marriage license and certificate of Harold Fick and Frances Brent Whitted, 1927

Brent documents - birth, marriage, death and other records

Notice of marriage: William Brent and Catherine Walker Johnson, 1805, Washington D.C.

William Brent: Commission as Captain in the Cavalry, First Legion of the Militia, District of Columbia, 1807

Oath of Allegiance of Thomas William Brent, USN, 1825

Resignation from the U.S. Navy, 1861, Thomas W. Brent

Col. William Brent: Will, 1848

Marriage record of Henry Johnson Brent and Elizabeth Carroll, 7 January 1834, Washington, D.C.

Page from Mary Ella Shuttleworth Brent's Bible showing births of her children children

Record of baptism in the family Bible of Cora Brent and George Brent, 1887

Record of baptism in the family Bible of William Louis Brent, 1892

Record of baptism in the family Bible of Frances Louise Brent, 1894

Marriage Certificate of Thomas William Brent and Merced Gonzalez, 1841

Marriage Certificate of Francis Celestino Brent and Mary Ella Shuttleworth, 1872

Marriage Certificate of Catherine Merced Brent and James Campbell Watson, 1903

Marriage Certificate of Mary Ella "Mollie" Brent and John Buckingham Mare, 1921

Marriage Certificate of Celestine Angela Brent and Rufus Sumner Manley, 1906

Marriage Certificate of Cora Emily Brent and Alba Houghton Warren, 1911

Marriage Certificate of Genevieve Anna Brent and William O'Hara Turtle, 1916

Notice of engagement: Robert Innocent Brent and Florence Waller Burke

Marriage Certificate of Frances Louise Brent and James Albert Whitted, 1918

Announcement of marriage of Frances Brent Whitted and Lt. Harold Foster Fick

Death Certificate of Merced Gonzalez Brent, 1919

Death Certificate of Francis Celestino Brent, 1914

William Louis Brent's WWI service card

Marriage License and certificate of Harold Foster Fick and Frances Brent Whitted, 21 February 1927. They were married in Savannah, Georgia, while Frances Whitted was babysitting her two nephews, Alba and Brent Warren, children of her sister Cora. Cora and her husband Alba were away on a business trip. Alba and Brent, her two nephews, were witnesses for the marriage. Frances had been married before, in 1918, but was widowed in 1923 when her husband, Albert Whitted, was killed in a plane crash.
Court of Ordinary, Chatham County, Georgia, Book 2, p.122, cert. #126.

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