Children of John Brosnaham and Isabella Sierra

Florida Brosnaham, 1829-1851

Florida I. Brosnahan/Brosnaham was born 18 January 1829 in Pensacola. She was the oldest child of John and Isabella Brosnahan. At the age of 21, about 1850, she married Lieut. Francis B. Renshaw. “Frank” was in the United States Navy and quite a bit older than Florida. He was born in Philadelphia 23 May 1815.

Florida died 25 November 1851 a year or so after their marriage and is buried in St. Michael’s Cemetery.

After Florida’s death, Frank Renshaw married Florida’s sister, Georgianna

Florida's gravestone inscription & Francis B. Renshaw's gravestone

John Andrew Brosnaham, 1830-1905

John Andrew Brosnaham was born 31 August 1830 in Pensacola. According to his obituary, he studied under his father before going to New York where he graduated from University of New York as a Doctor of Medicine in 1853. He also graduated from a well-known dental college. Before settling down, he spent three years in California in the goldmining area. He returned home and married Mary Eleanor Walker of Alexandria, Virginia, on 24 December 1856 in Pensacola.

They had three children: John Dudley, Isabelle C., and Henry Ashton. Two years after his wife died in 1894, he married a second time, this time to Sallie Moseley. They had one child, John, who was later living in Richmond, Virginia, and who had no children.

Obituary of Dr. John A. Brosnaham

Obituary of Mary Eleanor Walker Brosnaham

Amanda Brosnaham, 1832-1858

Amanda Brosnaham, born 26 September 1832 in Pensacola, married her sister’s husband on 20 February 1851. William L. Shuttleworth, a captain in the U.S. Marines, was a widower, Amanda was eighteen. She and William had three children, Mary Ella Shuttleworth, who married Francis Celestino Brent, Samuel Shuttleworth, who died as an infant, and David Dobbs Shuttleworth, who married Laura Hyer Bell.

Amanda died the day after Christmas in 1858. Her daughter was only six and her son was three. Because their father spent a lot of time at sea, the children were raised by their grandparents, the Brosnahams, in Pensacola.

Amanda is buried at St. Michael’s Cemetery in Pensacola.

Gravestone inscription of Amanda Brosnaham Shuttleworth

Children of Amanda and William L. Shuttleworth

Georgianna Eugenia Brosnaham, 1834-1910

Georgianna Eugenia Brosnaham was born 20 March 1834. Not quite four years after her older sister, Florida, died in 1851, Georgianna married Florida’s husband, Frank Renshaw on 18 August 1855. He was forty, she was twenty-one. They had four children: Frank Gale Renshaw, Isabella E. Renshaw, Georgia Ella, and Florence. When their youngest child, Florence, was about three years old, Frank died.

Sometime after 1867, when Frank died, Georgianna married William Kirk. They had a daughter, Anna, sometime between 1876 and 1880 when Georgianna was in her forties. According to the 1880 census, Anna was four. In the 1900 census she was born February 1880.

William Kirk was a lawyer, born in Ohio. In the 1900 census he is living separately from Georgianna and Anna and the census states that his marital status is divorced. Georgianna’s information lists her as M - married. William died in 1909. Georgianna died a year and a half later in 1910. They are both buried in St. Michael’s Cemetery.

Gravestone inscriptions of Georgianna Brosnaham and William Kirk

Obituary of Georgianna Kirk

George Othman Brosnaham, 1835-1933

George Othman Brosnaham, the last child, was born 17 December 1835. He served in the Civil War as a surgeon in the Confederate Army. While stationed in Hayneville, Alabama, during the War, he met Cynthia McKee Gingles, whose family was originally from North Caroline. They married on 5 July 1865.

George and Cynthia had five children: John Charles, George Othman, Jr., Mary Isabella, known as Mabel or Maybelle, Harris Andrew and Francis Eugene. The last two children died in 1879 while they were still very young. Cynthia died in 1895, but George lived another thirty-eight years after her death. He died in 1933. Both are buried in St. Michael’s Cemetery. Their granddaughter, Cynthia Brosnahan Richardson, spent much time researching the Brosnaham family history before she died in 1987.

Gravestone of George O. and Cynthia McKee Gingles Brosnaham

Obituary of Dr. George Othman Brosnaham

Children of Dr. George Othman Brosnaham and Cynthia McKee Gingles

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