Children of Dr. George O. Brosnaham & Cynthia McKee Gingles

John Charles Brosnaham

John Charles Brosnaham, 1869-1946, oldest child of Dr. George O. Brosnaham Sr. and Cynthis McKee Gingles. Described by Cynthia Brosnahan Richardson as "very small in stature, a well-known and beloved figure all over town,” she referred to him affectionately as “Unkie.”

George O. Brosnaham Jr.

George Othman Brosnaham Jr., 1871-1936 and his wife, Anne Leak Patton, 1871-1933. George’s gravestone says that he served in the Spanish-American War, Co. H, and in the First Florida National Guard.

Maybelle Brosnaham

Mary Isabelle “Maybelle” Brosnaham, 1873-1966. Before he died, her father, George O. Brosnaham, lived with Maybelle. Maybelle helped preserve her father's cottage, "Little Whitecap" in East Pensacola. She also had a rosewood piano which was bought with money received from the General Armstrong settlement.

Two younger children, Harris Andrew and Francis Eugene died young.

Cynthia Anne Brosnahan Richardson

Cynthia Richardson, granddaughter of Dr. George O. Brosnaham, did a tremendous amount of research on the Brosnaham family which she generously shared. She said that her grandfather told her that the family name had orginally been spelled Brosnahan but that family members later let it be spelled Brosnaham without correcting it. He asked her to make sure the name was spelled correctly – Brosnahan. Sadly, Cynthia died in an automobile accident in 1987.

Photographs of gravestones taken by Anne Field, May 2007, St. Michael's Cemetery, Pensacola, Florida. Photographs of John Charles and Maybelle Brosnaham were sent to me by the Pensacola Historical Society.

22 February 2008