"Little Whitecap," Pensacola, Florida

“Little Whitecap”, the cottage which belonged to George O. Brosnaham, is located in East Pensacola Heights on a bluff overlooking Pensacola Bay. It was moved to this spot in 1918 using horse power and rolling logs. At that time, the old Brosnaham home - the original "Whitecap" - stood next door. "Little Whitecap" was preserved over the years by Dr. George O.'s daughter, Maybelle Brosnaham. In 1983 the cottage was restored by Dr. George O.'s granddaughter, Cynthia Brosnahan Richardson. It is now occupied by a Brosnahan descendant.

Cynthia Brosnahan Richardson did a lot of research on the Brosnahan family and generously shared her findings with me. According to Cynthia, our Brosnahan ancestor, Andrew Brosnahan, came from Ireland where the name was probably spelled O’Brosnahan or O'Brosnaghan. In various censuses and other records the name was spelled or transcribed as Brasingham, Brushingham, Bruschenham. In Spanish Florida, John Brosnahan became Juan Brosnaharn. The spelling of the name was changed to Brosnaham over the years with little attempt to correct the spelling. Both John Brosnaham Sr. and George O. Brosnaham Sr. have the correct spelling on their gravestones, but they were known in Pensacola by the "Brosnaham" spelling. Cynthia said that her grandfather regretted that the name had changed and asked her to please use the correct spelling of the name. Sadly, Cynthia died in 1987. I have used the name with both spellings, reflecting the fact that the name was spelling both ways both in New York and in Pensacola and some family members had no desire to change their name back to Brosnahan and used the Brosnaham spelling for most or all of their lives.

Photograph taken by Anne Field, May 2007

Andrew Brosnahan, ca. 1758-1833

John Brosnaham, 1791-1870

Children of John Brosnaham and Maria Josefa Martinez

Children of John Brosnaham and Isabella Sierra

Descendants of Andrew Brosnahan and Margaret Rim


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