Maude Miller Bentall

Maude Miller Bentall, 1861-1958.

Maude Alice Miller, 1861-1958, was born in Liverpool, England, 10 May 1861, to William Charles Miller, a shipbroker, and Lucy Swainson, the fifth of their nine children. When she was twenty-three, she married Edmund Ernest Bentall, known to the family as Ernest, the son of Edward Hammond Bentall whose father started an agricultural machinery company that later became the E.H. Bentall Company. The Bentalls sold agricultural and other machinery and their products were known world-wide. Ernest took over the company in 1889.

The Bentalls had six children. The family lived in Heybridge, where the Bentall Company was located, in a large mansion called "The Towers." Ernest died in 1945 and Maude died 29 May 1958. They are buried in the Heybridge Cemetery along with Maude's mother, Lucy Swainson Miller, her three sisters, Lucy, Emily and Gertrude, and her son, Charles Edward Bentall.

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Photograph from the collection of Hope Healy Koontz.

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