Children of Jonathan Whitted and Nancy Rogers Clark

Isaac Fadis Whitted, 1822-1909, born Chatham County, North Carolina. While still young, Isaac moved with his family from North Carolina to Indiana. He married Mary Pearson in 1845 in Rockville, Parke County, Indiana. They had five children before Mary died in 1862. Isaac remarried in 1863 to Emily Stafford and they had seven children. Emily died in 1875, a few months after her last child was born. Isaac died in 1909 and they are both buried in Cissna Park Cemetery in Iroquois County, Illinois.

Elbridge Mabrin Whitted, 1824-1899, born in Chatham County North Carolina. Elbridge married Caroline E. Aldridge in Rockville, Parke County, in 1846. In the very early 1880s Elbridge and Caroline moved, with some of their children, to Manatee County, Florida, where Elbridge owned orange groves. Elbridge died in Oneco, Florida, in 1899 and Caroline died the following year. They are buried in Bradenton, Florida.

Mary Ann Whitted, 1826-1904, born in Chatham County, North Carolina. Mary Ann married John Bennage in 1843 in Parke County, Indiana. They moved to Summit County, Ohio, where most of their children were born. John died there in 1892 and Mary Ann died there in 1904. They are buried in East Bath Cemetery in Summit County.

Enoch Whitted, 1828-1901, born in Chatham County, North Carolina. He married Eliza Hise in Rockville, Parke County, Indiana, in 1851 and shortly after moved to nearby Vermillion County, settling near the town of Clinton. All their children were born there. Enoch died in 1901 and Eliza in 1916. Both are buried in the Riverside Cemetery in Clinton.

Sarah Jane Whitted, 1830-1854, married Alexander Andrew Bookless in 1846.

Andrew Jackson Whitted, 1833-1865, born in Chatham County, North Carolina. He married Mary M. Green in 1854 and they had three children. While serving in the Civil War with the 9th Indiana Battery, he was injured when the ship's boilers exploded on the transport steam Eclipse on 27 January 1865. He was taken to Paducah, Kentucky, but died a few days later. Mary died in 1895 and they are both buried in the Rockville Cemetery in Parke County.

Hezekiah Westley Whitted, 1835-1842, died as a child and was buried in Bloomingdale Cemetery in Parke County, Indiana. It is thought that Hezekiah was named after her mother's father who was thought to be Hezekiah Clark.

William Clark Whitted, 1838-1897, born in Parke County, Indiana. He and Sarah Ann Richardson were married in 1856 in Ridgeport, Boone County, Iowa. Sometime in the 1890s they moved to Latah County, Idaho, with most of their family. William died there in 1897 and Sarah in 1907.

Nancy Caroline Whitted, was born in 1840 in Parke County, Indiana. She married William Former Kelly and later died in Arkansas.

Druzilla Avis Whitted, 1843-1929, was born in Rockville, Parke County. Druzilla married three times, first to William F. Holstin in 1860 in Rockville. William died less than four years later. Druzilla married a second time, in 1865, to Calvin G. Carter in Parke County. They had four children plus three of Calvin's children from a previous marriage. About 1870 they moved to Osage County, Kansas, where Calvin died in 1881. Druzilla married a third time in 1883, to Noah S. Surface. Druzilla died in Osage County in 1929 and is buried there in the Mt. Zion Cemetery. Noah married Deborah Jane Button, in 1933, after Druzilla's death. He died in 1940 in Texas.

John Thomas Whitted, 1844-1880, was born in Parke County. He married Achsah P. Newlin in 1865 and died in 1880 in Iroquois County, Illinois. He is buried in the Cissna Park Cemetery there.

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