The Jardelat family goes back to France, most likely the west coast of France. In Pierre Jardelatís burial record in 1798 at Arkansas Post, it was recorded that his parents were "of Cape Corentin (?) in Brittiany, European France."1 The question mark was the transcriberís mark, indicating that the word was hard to decipher. The records were old and written in Spanish. There is a Cape Cotentin in Normandy, next to Brittany and there is a Carentan on Cape Cotentin.

The family records start with Alain Jardelat and Marie Guerique leaving Lorient, Brittany, France, aboard the Gironde, bound for Lousiana. They were listed as laborers going to work in the concessions of Mezieres and Desmarches. They were living in New Orleans in the 1720s and 1730s. One of their children, Pierre, is recorded in censuses, baptisms, marriages and burials at Arkansas Post, a remote military outpost on the Arkansas River, a thirty-five day trip by boat from New Orleans. The family is in the records there from the 1760s through the 1790s. Some of the family remained in the Arkansas area after the United States purchased the land from France in 1803. Other family members went to New Orleans and beyond.

The name Jardelat is spelled several different ways in various records and documents: Jardala, Jardelas, Jardelet, Jardeler, Jordella, Jardeles, Gerdela, Gardela and Chardellat. Pierre Jardelat's wife was Marie Songy, dit Languedoc, which means she was also known by the surname Languedoc. Songy is sometimes spelled as Saunier, Sonnier, Sogny and Sogne. Names were written down as the recorder heard them and felt they should be spelled.2

Alain Jardelat and Marie Guerique

Pierre Jardelat and Marie Songy (dit Languedoc)

Children of Pierre Jardelat and Marie Songy (dit Languedoc)

Descent report for Alain Jardelat and Marie Guerique, with index and sources

Searching for the parents of Marie Songy, wife of Pierre Jardelat

Chart showing the descent from Alain Jardelat to Anne Healy Field

Marriage record: Marguerite Jardelat and Pablo Graupera, 1799, New Orleans

A Note on Names in old French and Spanish Documents in Louisiana and Arkansas

More on Arkansas Post

Louis Jardelat and the history of Montgomery's Tavern

Baptism of Atanase le Vasseur, son of Louise Jardelat and Etienne le Vasseur

Family tree showing ancestry of Francis Celestino Brent and Mary Ella Shuttleworth and related families

On 19 May 1761 Pierre Jardelat and Marie Songy (dit Languedoc) were married in the Church of St. Louis in New Orleans. On 2 April 1799 , their daughter, Marguerite Jardelat, married Pablo Graupera in this church. The church is now known as the St. Louis Cathedral.

The picture above shows the second Church of St. Louis. After a fire destroyed the first church in 1788, construction began on a new church. Construction was completed and the new church dedicated in 1794, so when Marguerite and Pablo were married, the church probably looked more like the picture above.

The image above is from the digital collections at the Library of Congress:

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