Pauline Graupera Gonzalez, 1800-1896

Pablo Graupera was born in Calella, a small Catalonian town near Barcelona, Spain. His surname, Graupera, was often written Granpera, possibly when the French were in control of Louisiana and Florida. In reading the old handwriting of the time, the "n" and the "u" were sometimes hard to tell apart. His father was Mariano Graupera and his mother, Margarita Galup.1

When and why Pablo left Spain and came to America is not known, but he was in New Orleans in 1799 when he married Marguerite Jardelat on April 2d in the St. Louis Cathedral.2 Marguerite's family lived at the Post of the Arkansas, on the Arkansas River, a major tributory of the Mississippi River where her father served in the French militia. How Marguerite and Pablo met is not known, but a possible guess would be that Marguerite and her sisters were sent to the Ursuline Convent in New Orleans - a better place for young ladies to live than the rough and ready atmosphere of the Post. Marguerite and at least some of her sisters could write, while her brothers signed by mark. Marguerite was confirmed in New Orleans in 1796.3

Pablo and Marguerite's daughter Pauline was born in New Orleans in 1800, a son Yldefonso in 1802, and a daughter Josephine in 1804.4 Pablo owned land in the Pensacola area and may have owned land in New Orleans as well.5 He was about twelve years older than Marguerite and he died young, about age 50, in 1818. He most likely died in New Orleans as he was buried there in St. Louis Cemetery #1.6 The oldest cemetery still in existence in New Orleans, it was established in the late 1700s.

Marguerite's younger brother, Joseph, who was by then living in New Orleans, was appointed guardian of Pablo's three children. Marguerite was living in Pensacola in 1830,7 perhaps moving there after her daughter Pauline married Celestino Gonzalez of Pensacola. By 1850 Marguerite was living in New Orleans again, listed as the "Widow Graupera" head of a household that included her daughter Josephine Gagnet, and her grandson, Fernando Mendoza, Pauline's son by her first marriage.8 Marguerite died 13 June 1855 in New Orleans and was buried there,9 possibly in St. Louis Cemetery #1, but that would be just a guess.

Pauline Graupera married Antonio Mendoza sometime before 1822 when their son Fernando was born in Pensacola. Nowhere is anything mentioned about this marriage and their son in any of the biographical sketches written about her and her second husband, Celestino Gonzalez, nor in any family stories that have been handed down. However, a family researcher uncovered the christening of Fernando in the St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans on 16 April 1825. His birth was on 29 September 1822 according to the christening record. Antonio, his father, was a native of Havana, Cuba. Antonio's parents are named in the record also: Juan Mendosa and Maria De La Torre.10 No marriage record has been found for Antonio and Pauline yet, nor a death record for Antonio, but it is assumed he must have died as Pauline married Celestino a few months after her son's christening, on 3 July 1825 in Pensacola.

Fernando is in the 1850 census in New Orleans as a wharf clerk with real estate valued at $100,000 ? a huge amount for that time.11 He is living with living with Pauline's mother - his grandmother - Marguerite Jardelat Graupera, called the Widow Graupera. Also in the house is his aunt, Josephine Graupera Gagnet, Pauline's younger sister, listed as the Widow Gagnet, and her daughter in law, Elodie De Gruy Gagnet and her daughter Alphonsine, about two or three years old. Elodie was married to Josephine's son, Alphonse Gagnet, who died in 1846, shortly after their marriage. Five years later, in 1855, Fernando married Elodie on 10 March in New Orleans.12 Fernando fought with the Confederates during the Civil War. It is assumed that they moved to Mobile, Alabama, sometime before the Civil War as Fernando fought with the First Mobile Volunteers.

Fernando and Elodie are listed in the 1866 Alabama State Census.13 There are eight people in the household but it is unknown who the other six might be. Elodie is listed in the 1900 census as the mother of one child and that would have been Alphonsine. Fernando died on 15 January 1868 in Mobile.14 Why he died so young and where he is buried is unknown. Elodie lived on for many years. She died 11 March 1914 in Mobile and is buried in Magnolia Cemetery in Mobile.15

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    For many years I had gone with the spelling of Granpera - the name has been written or copied as Granpera, Graupera, Grampera, Granpere, Graupere and Grandpere. With more and more church records being digitized and indexed at, one can see that there are many, many Graupera surnames for the Barcelona area of Spain, which is where Pablo was born. So I have decided to go with the Graupera spelling until a baptismal record turns up.

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    Website: Find A Grave, Dates and other information from the memorials are not all taken from the gravestones, nor verified, Memorial #67850064.

Picture of Pauline Graupera, 1800-1896, wife of Celestino Gonzalez, mother of Mercedes Gonzalez Brent. Photographer: Washburn, 113 Canal St., New Orleans.

Picture from the collection of Jean Healy.

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