Brosnaham and Shuttleworth tombstone inscriptions
in the Catskill Village Cemetery, Catskill New York

Lower half of tombstone of Andrew Brosnahan, 1758-1833.

to the Memory of
Andrew Brosnaham
who departed
this life
Aug. 18, 1833
Aged 75 years

To the Memory of
Consort of
Andrew Brosnaham
who died
Aug. 4, 1847
Aged 88 years

George Brosnaham
Oct. 2, 1855
Aged 68 years

There are four gravestones in the lower right of the picture. The one on the end, turned sideways, is the lower half of the tombstone of Andrew Brosnahan. Behind it is the top half of his tombstone and the tombstone of his wife, Margaret. To the left of these stones is the tombstone of their son, George Brosnahan; the tombstone is in two pieces. To the left of George's tombstone is the only stone left intact and it belongs to Clotilda Brosnaham Shuttleworth and two of her infant children.

Clotilda was the daughter of John Brosnaham, second son of Andrew and Margaret. She married Lieut. William Louis Shuttleworth, U.S. Marines, 6 Jul 1843 in Pensacola, Florida. She died in Brooklyn, New York, on the same day that her husband's mother died, also in Brooklyn. Her infant son died two months after his mother.

Wife of
Capt. W.L. Shuttleworth, U.S.M.C.
Jan. 27, 1850
Aged 29 years
and 6 months

William Rodman
Son of W.L. and C.S. Shuttleworth
Died March 21, 1850
Aged 4 months and 20 days

All Thatís beautiful in women
All we in her nature love
All thatís good in all thatís human
Passed this gate to courts above

Infant daughter of
W.L. & C.S. Shuttleworth
Sept. 23, 1848
Aged 1 yr. & 15 days

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Clotilda's only child who lived to adulthood was John George Shuttleworth, ca.1844 - 1876, He was raised by his grandfather John Brosnahan and his second wife Isabella Sierra. He can be found in the 1850, 1860 and 1870 censuses living with them in Pensacola. According to the notes of Virginia Brosnaham, he became a physician, served in the Civil War as a Confederate, and died in 1876. He never married.

Because all the stones except for Clotilda'a are broken and too heavy to move, the inscriptions were taken from a transcription made by Minnie Cohen: Inscriptions of the Gravestones of the Catskill Village Cemetery, Greene County, New York, Minnie Cohen, comp. & ed., 1931. FHL Microfilm 17560, Vol. 2, p.70.

Photographs taken by author, May 2008, at the Catskill Village Cemetery, now known as the Thompson Street Cemetery, at the corner of Thompson and Spring Streets in Catskill.

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