Eliza Hise Whitted: Obituary


Mrs. Whitted’s Death Removes Old Resident

Uncle Joe Cannon only one left who attended her wedding

Widow of Enoch Whitted Lived to 84

Very Feeble in Recent Years and Had Received Tender Care; Fall Hastens Death

With the death of Mrs. Eliza Whitted, of 652 Walnut Street, Thursday, near noon, one of the oldest residents of Clinton and one well known and highly respected, was removed.

Mrs. Eliza Whitted was born in Parke county, May 15, 1832, and was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Solomon Hise. In 1851, Miss Hise was married to Enoch Whitted and to this union were born nine children, six of whom are still living. When Mr. and Mrs. Whitted were married they went to housekeeping in a three-room house near Annapolis and were neighbors of Uncle Joe Cannon, who is now the only living person known of by the family who attended their wedding. From there, the family moved to their farm west of the city in 1856 and lived there until they moved to their present location on Walnut street in Clinton, twenty-five years ago.

Mrs. Whitted was a woman who had worked hard all her life and had been very ambitious, even during the last few years, when she began to grow infirm, she was still ambitious. During her life on the farm, much of the managing of the farm, the care of the children and of her home fell to Mrs. Whitted, as her husband was called away to war.

Mrs. Whitted belonged to “the old school” bunch and was well educated for one in her days. For many years, even after moving to Clinton, Mrs. Whitted wove carpets and had a special loom house built for that work, which she greatly enjoyed. Many a strip of carpet woven by her is still in existence.

Death claimed Mr. Whitted in 1901 and Mrs. Whitted and her unmarried daughter, Miss Cora, lived together at their home. For eighteen years, Mrs. Whitted had suffered with rheumatism and for the last eight years she had been very feeble and the daughter at home cared for her almost like she was a child. For the past year, Mrs. Whitted had been very feeble and suffered greatly from leakage of the heart, which along with the shock from a fall, which she sustained several weeks ago, caused her death. Mrs. Whitted was a good entertainer and many hours were spent with old friends and neighbors at which times she delighted in talking of the early days and history of Indiana.

Mrs. Whitted, at the age of 14, joined the United Brethren church, in which she was a faithful worker. In moving about when there was no United Brethren church close to attend, she became a member of the Methodist church of this city and while ill health prevented her from attending much, she was regarded as a firm believer. Mrs. Whitted was a very kind hearted woman and many a family and home has been helped in time of illness and sorrow by her presence.

She was a member of a large family and has attained the oldest age of any of the family yet. She is survived by three sisters, Mrs. Allen Reeder of this city and Mrs. Thirza Morgan and Mrs. Lucinda Jackson at Montezuma. The children surviving are: George Whitted, William Whitted, Mrs. James Clark, Mrs, Charles Adams, Florence Whitted and Miss Cora Whitted. All the children live in this vicinity.

Each year for several years the family held a reunion on Mrs. Whitted’s birthday. For several years, Mrs. Whitted had been too feeble to walk any great distance, so a wheel chair was bought and she went much that way until the past summer. The daughter, Miss Cora, who had the greater part of the care of her mother during her long illness, was assisted the last few weeks by Mrs. Hay, a practical nurse from Libertyville.

The funeral of Mrs. Whitted will be held at 2 o’clock, Saturday afternoon, from the family residence. The minister who is to deliver the sermon has not been named as yet.

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Elizabeth E. "Eliza" Hise Whitted was born 15 May 1832 in Parke County, Indiana, the daughter of Solomon and Katherine Hise. She married Enoch Whitted on 30 October 1851 in Rockville, Parke County. They moved to Clinton Township in nearby Vermillion County. Together they had nine children. They were married nearly fifty years before Enoch died in 1901. Eliza died on 21 September 1916 and she is buried in the family plot in Riverside Cemetery. Her daughter, Cora, who cared for her for several years before her death, then married a man named Charles Clinton and she moved to California. The obituary appeared in The Clintonian, 21 April 1941.

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