Israel Day Towle and Eliza Peirce Family Bible

Parent record

Israel Day Towle and Eliza Peirce Towle family Bible - parent record

This page in the Bible records information on Israel Day Towle and Eliza Peirce. Israel D. Towle was born in Lowden [Louden], New Hampshire, April 13th, 1787. He married Miss Eliza Pearce in Greenburg [Greenburgh], New York, April 20th, 1816, aged 29 years. Eliza, his wife, was born in Westminster, Massachusetts, Oct. 8, 1798/1799, and married in Greenburg, N.Y. April 20th 1816, aged 18 years. Eliza's year of birth is 1798.

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Scans of pages copied from the Towle family Bible were provided thanks to Cindy Woolsey and Sally V. Houston, Towle descendants.

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