Telegram from Zephaniah Phillips Jr.
sent at the death of his nephew, Albert Whitted, 1923

When Albert Whitted died in an airplane crash on 19 August 1923, Zephaniah Phillips Jr., brother of Julia Phillips Whitted, sent a telegram of condolence to his nephew Albert's wife, Frances Brent Whitted. Julia was Albert Whitted's mother. The telegram was sent from Deland, Florida, to the Brent residence in Pensacola. Albert, his wife Frances and their two children spent time in both St. Petersburg and Pensacola during the year. The plane crashed in shallow water near what is now Ft. Walton Beach, east of Pensacola. Burial was at St. Michael's Cemetery in Pensacola; it is not known whether Zephaniah or any of his family went to the funeral. In the late 1920s, the municipal airport in St. Petersburg was named in his honor.

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