Obituary of Thomas William Brent Jr., d.1958

Thomas William Brent, third child and eldest son of Francis Celestino Brent and Mary Ella Shuttleworth, was born 30 October 1876 and died 22 October 1958 in Pensacola, Florida. He is buried in St. Michael's Cemetery, Pensacola, Florida, in the Brent family plot.

Sisters: Mrs. J.C. Watson was Catherine Merced Brent; Mrs. Alba H. Warren was Cora Emily Brent; Mrs. W.O. Turtle was Genevieve Anna Brent; Mrs. John B. Mare was Mary Ella "Mollie" Brent; Mrs. Rufus S. Manley was Celestine Angela Brent; Mrs. Harold F. Fick was Frances Louise Brent.

Active pallbearers: Thomas Watson (Thomas Campbell Watson), Brent Watson (James Brent Watson), Carroll Watson (Francis Carroll Watson), and Sinclair Watson (Edward Sinclair "Saint" Watson) were sons of James Campbell Watson and Catherine Merced Brent. James Turtle (James Edgar Turtle) was the son of William O'Hara "Billy" Turtle and Genevieve Anna Brent. James Watson was probably James Baker "Jimmy" Watson, son-in-law of Genevieve Anna Brent and husband of Mary "Mollie" Brent. John Brent was the son of Robert Innocent Brent, listed as Robert L. Brent, brother, in the obituary. And William Allenbach was the son-in-law of Genevieve Anna Brent and husband of Emily Brent.

The obituary appeared in the Pensacola Journal, Thursday, 23 October 1958, pp.1 & 7a.

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