John Comee: Probate, 1729

John Comee, son of David and Elizabeth Comee, was born in Concord, Massachusetts,but later moved to Lexington. Lexington at that time was known as Cambridge Farms. John married the daughter of another Scotsman, William Munroe, who came over, like his father, on the John and Sara after being taken prisoner by Cromwell. William Munroe was an early settler of Cambridge Farms and his holdings there were known as Scotland. John married William's daughter, Martha Munroe in 1688. They had six children, one of whom, the youngest, Abigail, married Jonas Peirce. My line descends through them down to Abigail Peirce who married Nathan Darby in 1762. Both John and Martha died in Lexington, a few months apart. It is not known where they are buried.

John died intestate 6 December 1729, about eight months after his wife, and the following documents, dated 15 Dec 1729, gives administration of the estate to his son David.

Probate of John Comee, 1729, Middlesex County, Massachusetts

John Comee probate administration 1729, Middlesex, Co., Massachusetts

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Probate papers of John Comee, Probate packet 4851, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, FHL MF 386060.

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