Henry May Brent
Catherine Douglas Brent Fitzhugh
Daniel Fitzhugh

Old St. Patrick's Cemetery, Bay City, Michigan

"Henry May Brent, born Sept. 3, 1842, Washington D.C., Died Oct. 16, 1892, R.I.P."

Henry May Brent was the son of Henry Johnson Brent and Elizabeth Carroll of Washington D.C. and New York. He served in Lima, Peru, as the U.S. Consul for seven years before his death in Bay City, Michigan. He is buried in Old St. Patrick's Cemetery in Bay City, next to his sister, Catherine, and her husband Daniel Fitzhugh. He left a wife in Peru, Micaela Delgado Moreno, and four children. His only son died before his death.

"Catharine Douglas, wife of Daniel H. Fitzhugh, Born, Washington D.C., Oct. 30, 1834, Died, April 7, 1901"

Catherine (or Catharine) Douglas Brent was the oldest child of Henry Johnson Brent and Elizabeth Carroll of Washington D.C. and the sister of Henry May Brent, buried next to her in the cemetery. Catherine married Daniel H. Fitzhugh on 6 July 1852. They lived in Bay City, Michigan, where they both died. They are buried in Old St. Patrick's Cemetery in section 25.

"Daniel R. Fitzhugh, Born Jan. 11, 1827, Died June 26, 1896. R.I.P.

Daniel H. Fitzhugh was from Rochester, New York. He and his wife, Catherine, had no children. They are buried side by side in Old St. Patrick's Cemetery.

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Photos of the graves at Old St. Patrick's Cemetery taken by Richard Dalrymple and used with permission.

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