Henry May Brent

Henry May Brent, was born in Washington, D.C., 3 September 1842, the second child and eldest son of Henry Johnson Brent and Elizabeth Carroll. His mother died and was buried in Paris when he was about four years old, leaving Henry's father with four young children. Four years later his father married a woman from Rochester, New York, Weathy Backus. Henry's father was a writer and a painter and the family lived in Washington, D.C. and then New York.

Henry entered public service, like several of his forbears, and was appointed U.S. Consul to Peru. He married a Peruvian lady, Micaela Delgado Moreno, daughter of Carlos Delgado Moreno and Agueda Delgado. Henry and Micaela had five children, all born in Peru: Isabel Catherine, Ana Rebeca, Maria Agueda, Sophia Rosa, and Enrique Carlos, who died young.

Henry died while at his sister's home in Bay City, Michigan, on 16 October 1892. He was buried three days later in Old St. Patrick's Cemetery in Bay City. His sister, Catherine Douglas Brent and her husband, Daniel Fitzhugh, are buried beside him.

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The image of the Cathedral in Lima, Peru, was taken by Lt. William Lewis Herndon, U.S.N., in 1854 and appears in Exploration of the Valley of Amazon, vol. 1, by William Lewis Herndon. The image is in the public domain and was accessed at Wikimedia Commons.org.

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