Prayer Book of Ysabel Pichol Dauphin

Prayer book of Ysabel Pichol Dauphin

The Catholic prayer book, belonging to Ysabel Pichol Dauphin, was dated 1767, written in Latin and French and dedicated to Madame La Dauphine, the wife of the heir to the French throne.

New Hours
Latin ? French
Dedicated to Madame La Dauphine
The Duties of a Christian, The Offices of the Church according to Roman usage, and several Instructions and Prayers for Confession and Communion, taken from the Holy Scriptures.

With Approval (consent) and Permission (of the Church).

The photocopy of the page from the prayer book includes a 2d page with the information below.

I read by order of Monseigneur the Chancelier, the New Hours - Latin-French, dedicated to Madame la Dauphine, etc. at the Sarbonne, the 26 January. De Marcilly.

To Madame La Dauphine,
The virtues that you exhibit burst from the Lillies, which reunite with the greatness of your birth makes you the most accomplished princess in the Universe, and the most worth success to the most flourishing crown. It is, Madame, this incomparable piety that you practice with the Queen, true imitation of the actions of the greatest Saints, who put new life in my confidence, and makes me hope that you condescent to look at with an favorable eye this little work and convince you of the zeal and of the profound profession of allegence with which I am,
Your most obedient servant,

A copy of the page from the prayer book and the transcribed inscription were sent to the author by family researcher and descendant Cynthia Brosnaham Richardson. Cynthia said she received it from another descendant, Gloria McCreary.

The term ?Madame La Dauphine? refers to the wife of the heir to the French throne and not to our Ysabel Dauphin. It is likely that the dedication was to Maria Josepha of Saxony who was the wife of the heir to the French throne at the time and was known as Madame La Dauphine. She died in March 1767. Her son, the future Louis XVl, married Marie Antoinette. The prayer book could presumably have been purchased in Louisiana. Where the prayer book might be now is a good question.

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