Brosnaham Street in Catskill, New York

The image above was found on an old map (June 1889) of Catskill: "Sanborn Map of Catskill, N.Y., for the Exclusive Use of Samuel L. Penfield, agent." This map can be found at the Vedder Library in Coxsackie, New York, not far from Catskill. The property that Andrew Brosnahan bought over the years bordered Catskill Creek, so it is possible that this area is where his property might have been. Brosnaham Street is a short street and can be found on today's maps just to the west of where Water Street and Main Street converge on the north side of town. In 1889, when this map was drawn, all the Catskill Brosnahans had died; George, the last one, died in 1855. The street is now the continuation of Main Street.
Photograph of map by Anne Healy Field, May 2008.

14 June 2008;
updated 7 December 2008

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