Civil War Sword of Zephaniah Phillips, 1837-1903

Zephaniah Phillips enrolled in Company B, Illinois Cavalry Volunteers, Regiment 1, as a bugler, on 25 June 1861 in Equality, Illinois. Equality was a small town in southern Illinois in Gallatin County and is just east of Harrisburg. He was taken prisoner at the Battle of Lexington three months later and then, age 24, was mustered out of the Infantry as a private. He next enrolled in Company F, the 5th Illinois Infantry Volunteers. He appeared to be absent several times, due to illness, and at one point listed as a deserter. He later served in Company F 120th Illinois Volunteers, resigning in Memphis, Tennessee in January 1863. Some time later he enlisted as a Navy seaman, serving on the USS Springfield and later on the USS Great Western. He was discharged from Naval Service on 9 September 1865.

The sword and sheath above, kept carefully in the glass case, has been passed down the first born son who was to always be named Zephaniah Phillips. It is now in the possession of one of those descendants. Thanks go to Jo Parker and her cousin who provided this wonderful photo.

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