• March 28
  • The SS England leaves Liverpool, England
  • March 28
  • The SS England leaves Liverpool, England
  • March 29
  • The SS England arrives Queenstown, Ireland, 5:00 p.m.
  • March 29
  • The SS England leaves Queenstown
  • April 2
  • 8-year-old German boy on board dies of cholera
    More deaths on board from cholera
  • April 9
  • The SS England arrives in Halifax
    Passengers are put on McNab's Island and housed in tents.
    The weather becomes snowy and rainy
    Fires blaze night and day
  • April 17
  • Dr. Slayter, chief health officer in charge, dies from cholera
  • April 18
  • Dr. Slayter is buried
    The SS England leaves Halifax for New York; some passengers are left behind
    2-3 days later the SS England arrives in New York and anchors in Quarantine Waters, Lower Bay, New York
  • April 30
  • Dr. Swinburne, a NY health official, reports that all on board the SS England are healthy, but still in quarantine
  • May 11
  • The SS England "arrives" in New York according to the National Archives records of ship arrivals
  • May 17
  • The Louisa Moore leaves Halifax with the remaining passengers from the England
  • May 23
  • The Louisa Moore arrives in New York

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