Thomas Whitted, Esq.

First page of one of the first papers in the probate file

Thomas Whitted, Esq., died on 5 August 1820 in Orange County, North Carolina, and left no will. His two wives had died before him, but he left nine children. All are mentioned in the paper above which is a letter to the Judge of the Court of Equity, Orange County, dealing with slaves belonging to Thomas who had been stolen after Thomas' death by the son of his second wife, Sarah Kirk, widow of Lewis Kirk.

The letter names all of Thomas' children and gives his date of death:

"That their father Thomas Whitted Sen. late of this county aforesaid, departed this life on the fifth day of this month, intestate, leaving your orators of lawful age him surviving, to wit Thomas Whitted junior, Nelly intermarried with William Gapinns, Mary intermarried with Thomas Pleasant, John Whitted, Joseph Whitted, Robert Whitted, and William Whitted and Ruth Whitted."

An estate sale was held in September, the month after Thomas died, and lasted about three days. Thomas owned a lot of land, located near Hillsborough, and had his house, a blacksmith shop, and other buildings full of animals, crops, equipment and slaves. Many of the items went to Ruth Whitted, who, a few months after her father's death, married Richard Howard. Many items also went to Thomas Whitted Jr. Most of the other heirs had moved to Tennessee and Indiana and did not purchase items at the sale. Among some of the items sold were a bed and furniture to son Thomas for $26.20; a shot gun, $14; a looking glass, 30¢; 1 apple pealer, 17½¢; 1 clock with case, $20.00; and 1 waffle iron, $1.42½.

Thomas was probably a well-read man - in his effects were at least 14 books. Besides the Bible, there were: Guthrie's Grammar, Buchan's Domestic Medicine, Frankin's Life, Drake's Travels, Life of Washington, Tristram Shandy, and Clarke & Lewis Travels.

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Probate papers: Thomas Whitted, Esq. Data and images extracted from FHL MF 2069373: North Carolina, Estate Files, 1663-1979, from files at the North Carolina State Archives, Raleigh, North Carolina. There are 273 images in the probate file.

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