Robert Brent, 1763-1819
1st mayor of Washington D.C.

Forest Glen, Maryland

Robert Brent, 1763-1819, was the son of Robert Brent and Ann Carroll. Born at the family home "Woodstock" in Aquia, Stafford County, where several generations of Brents had lived, he later moved to Washington, D.C. Robert's uncle was Archbishop John Carroll, the first archbishop in the United States. Another uncle was Daniel Carroll II who signed both the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution and was also one of the three Federal Commissioners responsible for surveying and laying out the District of Columbia. Robert was appointed by President Thomas Jefferson as the first mayor of Washington D.C. He married Mary Young in 1787, daughter of Notley R. Young and Mary Carroll, a sister of Anne Carroll, Robert's mother, which made them first cousins.

Robert was first buried at Brentwood Manor, near Florida Avenue N.E. and 6th Street N.E., near where Gallaudet University stands today. He had this house built as a wedding present for his daughter Eleanor who married Joseph Pearson in 1811, a member of Congress from North Carolina. Robert, and a few others who had been buried there, were later reinterred in the Carroll Cemetery in Forest Glen - St. John the Evangelist Cemetery. His daughter Eleanor Brent Pearson is buried in the same spot and shares the gravestone, so she may have been one of the ones reinterred also.

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Photograph of the gravestone in Forest Glen, Maryland, was taken by Richard Dalrymple who visited the cemetery in 2012.

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