Obituary of Jarvis Pierce, d.1880

Jarvis Pierce Jr. died July 4, 1880, in Harrisburg, Saline County, Illinois. This obituary was printed originally in the Harrisburg Chronicle in Harrisburg where Jarvis died. It was reprinted in The Local Record, a weekly newspaper in Shawneetown, Gallatin County, Illinois. Saline and Gallatin were neighboring counties and Jarvis had at one time lived in Gallatin County. Both newspapers were weekly and came out on Saturday at that time. So when Jarvis died on July 4th, a Sunday, his obituary appeared in the Harrisburg Chronicle the following Saturday, July 10. It was then copied into The Local Register which came out July 17, 1880, without changing the wording that he died last Sunday morning.

The article does not list any survivors nor tell where Jarvis was buried. Death certificates started in Saline County in 1880 but Jarvis' is not available.

This obituary was found in the microfilm for The Local Record, Shawneetown, July 10 - August 21, 1880, at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library in Springfield, Illinois.

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