The Zephaniah Phillips house in Pass-a-Grille, Florida

After a storm damaged the house in 2012 and it was in danger of being demolished, the house was saved when a local restaurant owner bought the house and moved it a block down the road where it now sits behind the Seahorse restaurant on 8th Avenue. It can now be rented as a vacation cottage. So nice to know that the oldest house in Pass-a-Grille has been preserved.

Photos of the Zephaniah Phillips house in Pass-a-Grille, a barrier island just west of St. Petersburg. The house was on the corner of 7th Avenue and Pass-a-Grille Way and had been moved just slightly from its original location. The Phillips were the first homesteaders on Pass-a-Grille and this was the first house. The house in 2004 was larger than the original homestead. Photographs taken in October 2004 by Anne Field. The photo of the restored house, now on 8th Avenue, was taken by Megan Huston in 2018.

Anne Healy's Genealogy, Created October 2002
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