Miss Mary Ella Brent died Sunday evening at her home, 100 West Jackson street. Miss Brent was the daughter of Mrs. Merced G. Brent and the late Captain Thomas W. Brent of the United States Navy, and Confederate States Navy, and sister of D.G. Brent, R.J. Brent, the late F.C. Brent, Miss A.P. Brent, and Mrs. E.O. Saltmarsh.
The funeral services will take place Monday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock, from St. Michael's Church, with interment in St. Michaels cemetery.
The pallbearers will be G.S. Brent, F.C. Brent, J.C. Watson, T.W. Brent, A.P. Yniestra and A.G. Moreno.

The obituary appeared in the Pensacola Journal, Monday morning, 4 November 1918, p.3.

Mary Ella Brent was born 14 March 1852 in Pensacola, Florida, and died 3 November 1918 in Pensacola. She never married. She was the sixth child of Capt. Thomas William Brent and Merced Gonzalez.

D.G. Brent was Daniel Gonzalez Brent, R.J. Brent was Robert Johnson Brent, F.C. Brent was Francis Celestino Brent, R.J. Brent was Robert Johnson Brent, Miss A.P. Brent was Anna Pauline Brent, and Mrs. E.O. Saltmarsh was Margaret Eveline Brent, married to Ernest Olmstead Saltmarsh.
Pallbearers: G.S. Brent was George Shuttleworth Brent, her nephew; F.C. Brent was Francis Celestino "Tino" Brent, her nephew; J.C. Watson was James Campbell Watson, husband of her niece, Catherine Merced; T.W. Brent was Thomas William Brent, her nephew; A.P. Yniestra was possibly Arthur Peter Yniestra of Pensacola; A.G. Moreno was possibly Albert Gibson Moreno, of Pensacola.

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