Children of Joseph Dundas Miller & Elizabeth Tomlinson

Mary Dorothy Miller, 1823-1860, the oldest child, was born in Bahia, Brazil. She married William Gordon in 1847 in Liverpool. They had ten children.

Elizabeth Miller was born in March 1825 in Bahia, Brazil, and lived only two months.

William Charles Miller, 1826-1899, the third child and first son, was born in Bahia, Brazil, and was a merchant and ship broker. He married Lucy Swainson of Lancashire, England in 1854. They had nine children.

Henry Miller, 1827-1906, was the fourth child. He was also a ship broker. He married Ann Miln Steele in 1862 in Glasgow, Scotland, and they had eleven children. The family was still in Brazil, in Rio De Janeiro, in 1936.

Joseph Dundas Miller, 1829-1864, was the fifth child and the last to be born in Brazil. Joseph Dundas Junior became a minister. He married Charlotte Elizabeth Miller, his first cousin, in 1857 in Derbyshire, England, and they had five children. He died in Southport, England, and was buried in Liverpool.

Elizabeth Miller, the second child with that name, was born in Liverpool in 1835 and died in 1842.

Emily Frances Miller, 1836-1898, was born in Liverpool, England. She married Col. George Malcolm, 1836-1903, in 1859 in Liverpool. Colonel Malcolm served with the British Army in Crimea at the fall of Sebastopol in Crimea, Russia, in 1855 and at the seige of Lucknow in India during the Indian Mutiny in 1857. They had five children.

Francis Benjamin Miller, 1838-1901, the eighth and last child, was born in Liverpool. He married Charlotte Elizabeth Taylor and had two sons. After she died in 1873, he married Fanny Louise Frodsham and had seven more children. In 1880 they left England to homestead in Manitoba, Canada, where he later died.

Family photo of the Francis Benjamin Miller family, 1886
Helen Miller, daughter of Francis Benjamin Miller and Fanny Frodsham

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