Will: Mariana Pingron Bonifay, 185

Mariana Pingron Bonifay wrote her will on 16 September 1825. In her will she was good enough, or astute enough, to leave us with some biographical details, some of them sketchy, but useful. She gives the names of her parents and where she was born; where she married and whom, but not when; and the names of her children, both with her husband Joseph and with her business partner, Carlos Lavalle.

Two paragraphs from the first page of her will are shown above giving this information about her life.

Mariana died on Saturday, 12 September 1829, in Pensacola, and was probably buried in St. Michael's Cemetery.

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Will of Mariana Bonifay: Florida Probate Records, 1784-1990, FamilySearch.org database, Will Book 1, 1832-1898, pp. 15-17, FHL MF 941009, images 40-41.

A transcription of her will can be found on the website of the West Florida Genealogical Society: http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~flwfgs/Escambia/wills/willbonifaymarianapingrow.htm.

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