Manuel Gonzalez, 1767-1838
Marie Louise Bonifay Gonzalez, 1781-1860


Manuel Gonzalez died in 1838 in Pensacola and is buried in St. Michaelís Cemetery with his wife, Marie Louise, who died many years later, in 1860. The plot also includes the burial of their daughter Eulalia, 1799-1868, wife of Peter Yniestra. A plaque in the Gonzalez plot in the cemetery notes that Eulalia was buried in the family plot and that she was married to don Peter Yniestra from Cadiz, Spain. In the census, Peter was born in Louisiana. One online webpage gives his death date as 1867, but I have not found a source for that and there is no record of his burial in St. Michael's Cemetery. The plaque also notes that Marie Louise Bonifay, Eulalia's mother, was born in Martinique, but there is no proof for that either.

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