Thomas William & Merced Gonzalez Brent


Gravestones of Thomas William Brent, left, and Merced Gonzalez Brent, above, in St. Michael's Cemetery, Pensacola, Florida.


Gravestone inscription of Thomas William Brent, left, and Veterans plaques, above.

Top left: Gravestone of Thomas William Brent. Inscription below reads: "Thomas William Brent, Comdr. U.S. & C.S.S. Navies, b. Washington, D.C., Feb. 20, 1808, d. Pensacola, Fla., Nov. 10, 1875". Right: Gravestone of Merced Gonzalez Brent: "Merced Gonzalez, wife of Thos. Wm. Brent, born Sept. 19, 1824, Died Dec. 10, 1919." Their graves are in the Brent Plot with other family members. The small plaque above the Veteran's plaque reads: Commandant, Pensacola Confederate Navy Yard, 26 March 1861 - 9 May 1862.
Photographs taken by Anne Healy Field, May 2007.

19 February 2007
updated 7 March 2008
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