Two Brent ancestors married women from the Island of Bermuda in the early 1700s and another Brent ancestorís wife had connections there as well.

Captain George Brent, the first of my direct line to come to America, married Elizabeth Green. Elizabeth Green and William Green were half-brother and sister. Elizabethís father was William Green and her mother was his second wife, Mary Layton. William Green, her half-brother, was also the son of William Green by his first wife, name unknown. This younger William Green, married to Mary Watlington, lived in Paget, Bermuda. In his will he mentions his nephews and niece, the children of George Brent and Elizabeth Green.

Elizabeth Green and Captain George Brent were both born in Worcestershire, England, and she, perhaps, never went to Bermuda, but her half-brother did live there.

Their son, Robert Brent, chosen to settle the inheritance left to himself and his siblings, sailed to Bermuda. While there, he met and married Susannah Seymour, daughter of Daniel Seymour, of Bermuda, and great granddaughter of Florentius Seymour, one of the early governors of Bermuda.

Robert and Susannahís eldest son, George, 1703-1778, also went to Bermuda where he met and married another Bermuda lady, Catherine Trimingham, daughter of John Trimingham and great granddaughter of one of the early governors of Bermuda, John Trimingham, d. ca.1655. They lived in Bermuda several years before heading back to Woodstock in Virginia.

George Brent, 1703-1778, is the one who compiled the notes and data on the Brent family about 1740 which was published by George Fitzhugh in De Bow's Review, July 1859. George's work was continued by Daniel Brent, 1770-1841, son of Robert Brent and Ann Carroll, and his nephew John Carroll Brent, 1814-1876, son of William Brent and Catherine Walker Johnson, and brother of Thomas William Brent of Washington D.C. and Pensacola, Florida.

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